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It’s a gloriously sunny Sunday here in London and I’m sipping my first coffee as I’m thinking of how to solve problems. Your problems. The questions that have popped up in my virtual postbag.

So I’ve taken the most common ones and found solutions for them which I’m sharing in this week’s newsletter.

First up is social media and the challenges many of you face – how to come up with the right content, how to use that to really connect with your audience etc.

You’ll find some great tips here:

Then there is the perennial problem of traffic…or lack of it. Here are 7 things you can do that will help drive more of it to your website:

Of course, that traffic is near useless if it doesn’t convert and I know a lot of you have trouble with that one.

No worries because here are 13 ways to increase your conversion rates right now:

Another area that always brings in a ton of questions is email marketing and specifically how to get better open, response and click through rates. Here are 13 ways to do that:

While this focuses on improving that all-important open rate:

Moving on to ecommerce and another issue that crops up over and over is how to get more sales. You put up that site, made it all shiny and stocked it with all the right stuff but no-one is dropping by or buying…

Here are some tactics you can use:

And 3 more things you can do:

Copywriting is another postbag perennial and it’s a massive subject…but the people over at Copyblogger are some of the best in the world and their podcast The Lede offers excellent advice.

Here is one of their latest episodes with 5 essential copywriting techniques but frankly all of them are invaluable:

As you know, there are many ways to solve a problem and often simply changing your approach is enough.

In your TED talk this week, you will learn how one man did just that and how you can use his simple game to get your own ides flowing again: