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Some weeks we have a theme, others we have a smorgasbord of things I think will interest, help and/or inspire you.

This week is a smorgasbord week and we’re focusing on those issues or questions that come up time and again for you. Let’s kick off with a question that is often asked of hugely successful entrepreneurs – what would you do if you had to start all over again?

Here’s what Seth Godin would do:

Best part for me?

When he says:

“The time of scammy, in-your-face marketing is over…

People are immune to bad marketing.”

Just what I’ve also been saying for ages!

Next we have the brilliant Bill Green on what you should say when facing another common scenario…this time it’s what you should say if a customer or prospect says your product or service is too expensive:

Another one that comes up a lot is the ‘fastest way to make big bucks’ type of question and one of the most usual answers is to go the SaaS route, or software as a service.

But here’s what happened when one SaaS company decided to launch an online course instead, presented as a case study so you can learn from their success:

Then there’s how increase page views to your site or blog – yet another one that has most people scratching their heads. Scratch no more. Here’s how one guy went from 0 to 170k page views in just 9 months:

For all you budding authors, here’s one that may hurt but is probably all to familiar – why is no-one buying your self-published book?

Here’s the expert on all things self-publishing, Amy Harrop, to tell you exactly why and to help remedy that…and if she sounds familiar, it’s because I recommend her courses from time to time because this lady really knows her stuff:

And if you’re agonizing over why you haven’t made any moolah at all yet in cyber land then this from Fizzle will give you a whole new perspective as well as yet more invaluable tips:

Or how about another one that keeps you awake at night – is it really possible to lead this digital lifestyle or is the whole thing a myth?

Worry not…here’s the lowdown along with some more truly excellent advice:

Your TED talk this week is on a subject close to my heart – trust and building it so that complete strangers buy into you and your service, such as your AirBnB side hack, as they turn away from institutions.

Fascinating stuff:

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