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It’s nearly Valentine’s Day so, to prove how much I love you, this week’s newsletter is full of fabulous giveaways you can grab and use for yourself and your business.

First up are some excellent guides and whitepapers covering everything from Mobile SEO to Mastering Local Search and Getting Started With Product Listing Ads…a lot here to love and they are excellent.

You can take as many as you want here in exchange for your details:

It’s also worth looking at their content showcase for examples of great content you can simply take and use for inspiration:

If you need great titles for that content then look no further than Portent’s title generator tool:

And you can also download their excellent content strategy ebook here for nothing more than your details:

I’ve mentioned video a lot recently and for good reason as a video on a landing page, can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%, while creating a product video really ramps up those sales.

But great videos can be hard to create unless you use a  brilliant tool like this one which, most brilliantly of all, won’t cost you a bean:

Want to sharpen up your social media marketing for 2018? Grab a checklist and ebook (actually, it’s more of an ecourse) here to help you do just that:

Finally, if you’d like a great guide to successful ecommerce from a respected digital marketing agency then you can grab one here:

Your TED talk this week is, in this Valentine’s, on the subject of love and is about an initiative that is truly inspirational:


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