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It’s been a full-on weekend and it’s not over yet!

Yesterday we had our annual high street event to promote local businesses (I wrote about that in my course The Edge) and today it’s our annual street party, a charity event with local businesses participating.

You’ve heard me talk about the power of humanising your marketing and this is it at its finest – people getting together to have fun and bring focus to what they do at one and the same time.

I tore myself away from the BBQ stall long enough to share this week’s tips and freebies with you and a couple are based on questions you sent in.

First of all, I was asked how best to use my latest PLR weight loss kit, Fast Diet Fixes – and, indeed, any similar PLR. Aside from the marketing information provided with the kit, I’ve found some resources not only for those of you in the weight loss market but also wider ones for niche and affiliate marketers.

Affilorama has long been one of my go-to sites for affiliate marketing and this piece on the weight loss niche contains some timeless advice:

She mentions the SEO software Traffic Travis in that post – the free version is excellent and you can download it here:

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is simply brilliant and his podcast on affiliate marketing contains excellent tips (30, in fact):

While this post on niche selection should prove very useful:

Of interest to all of you who use email marketing (so that should be all of you!) is this great guest post from Pat’s blog on ensuring your email lands in the Gmail primary tab every time so that more of your subscribers get to see it:

I know that deciding on a niche can be confusing for a lot of people – if that’s you then check out this excellent post from Copyblogger on finding a profitable one:

Another question I had this week was on Google+ – I admit I’ve been more proactive in other areas and am only now focusing on building my presence there. Fortunately Social Media Examiner came up trumps this week with this guide:

On the subject of social media, there are some rather nice icons to grab over at Mighty Deals (you need to supply your email address to get them but I enjoy getting their messages as some of their deals are fantastic):

This week’s Kindle freebie is a great read entitled Your Next Big Thing – if you’ve ever procrastinated, wobbled on the confidence front or simply found it hard to get going this is for you:

This week’s TED talk is The Curly Fry Conundrum and I guarantee after watching it you’ll be a lot more careful about what you Like on Facebook:

To learn more about leveraging and maximising your Facebook marketing for your business, here’s a helpful freebie full of Fan Page Tips & Tricks:

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