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It’s a gloriously sunny October morning here in London and I’m off to visit my daughter later – two good reasons to smile. I’m aiming to give you some reasons to smile as well in this newsletter so let’s get cracking…

I know that many of you get confused about landing pages – what they are and how best to use them. Landing pages are everywhere these days and a powerful tool in any marketer’s arsenal so it really does pay to learn more…

This excellent tutorial will teach you how to use landing pages to boost your social media conversions (ecommerce marketers take particular note but this is useful for all of you):

For some excellent freebie guides on all things landing pages from design to copywriting that will increase your conversions and more, head over to Unbounce and enjoy:

And if you need some examples of successful landing pages to inspire you, they have lots to choose from:

Want a specific guide to ecommerce landing pages? There’s a great freebie one here (you need to give your details to get it but, as I always say, I have never had an issue with Hubspot):

If you’d love to now create that gorgeous landing page but have no budget then no problem – here’s how to do so for nada and you can grab some themes at the same time:


Think your whole site is looking a bit tired? Or don’t know where to start? You can grab another great freebie guide here from Impact (you need to give your details in exchange but Impact is another business I trust):

While here’s a comprehensive course on landing pages and how to ramp up those conversions with step by step videos and advice from ten leading experts…all at no cost to you:

Your TED talk this week is one of my all-time faves – Richard St John on why success is a continuous journey and how it’s only when we stop trying that we fail: