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I’m writing this as I nearly always do, cup of coffee at my side on a Sunday morning, collating all the information I gathered for you during the week.

I like to do it this way because it means what I send out is as fresh as possible but occasionally things do change overnight on the net…

Take, for instance, Kindle freebies. These can change in the blink of an eye as the free download period ends.  I’ve said it before but I had an email this week complaining that the one I recommended last week wasn’t free when the person concerned went to access it.

Now, I wish I was in charge of Amazon but I’m not…otherwise I’d be staring out over my Seattle acres or playing with my secret, revolving bookcase (I kid you not – a friend has visited Chez Bezos).

I do, however, get the Kindle freebie myself right before I mail to make sure it’s still gratis when I press send. If, when you go to access it, that is no longer the case then I’m truly sorry but there’s no benefit to me.

As with everything Weekend Takeaways, I’m just sharing something I unearthed I thought you might like and that, when I found it, wouldn’t cost you a penny…a bit like when you clip an article or send a link thinking ‘oh, so-and-so would love that.’ Same thing. No tricks here. So please sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

It’s been a while since I shared some great free themes so here you go – 30 of ‘em released in the last month or so:

If responsive’s your thing (and it should be) here’s some brand new babies to grab:

And if you need a few pointers on WordPress/design/a whole bunch of business related stuff then go to Tuts+. Bear in mind that tutorials are free but courses are not:

I was also moseying around on one of my fave sites, Mashable, this week and found a couple of goodies (among many) to share with you.

First, 5 Essential Topics Every Email Marketer Should Understand may seem to cover the basics but that’s the point. This is stuff we should all know but sometimes forget:

If you weren’t hit by the Heartbleed bug in some way in the past week or so then you are one of the fortunate few – I certainly was and have been busy changing my passwords on affected sites I access.

Here’s a guide to which passwords you need to change now:

I almost tremble as I type this but this week’s Kindle freebie, as of now, 11.39am London time Sunday 13th April, is a great guide to productivity – I’ll let the title speak for itself:

“Productivity: For The Perpetually Overwhelmed How To Take Action, Eliminate Being Lazy & Get Sh*t Done”

Finally, your TED talk this week is the inspiring Richard St John on why success is a continuous journey:

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