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Yesterday I went on a woodland nature hike in south London (yes, they do exist!) and learned more from our guide than from a whole heap of books put together.

Don’t get me wrong – I love books. But there is nothing to beat a nugget of information delivered right there and then, for example when we found a stag beetle and he could explain why it was such a rare sighting (it was late in the year and we have fewer habitats for them).

With that in mind, I am going to deliver resources to you this week that will provide you with all the information you need to make a success of your sites, products and services.

Let’s start with this excellent keyword tool that mines subreddits for long tail keywords. Why should you be excited about this? Because people love to talk on Reddit and they love to talk about what’s hot and what interests them…which are two things you should be paying attention to when it comes to marketing and niche research.

This tool is called Keyworddit and it’s super simple – just plug in the name of a subreddit and it will do the rest. Can’t think of a subreddit? Just start to type in the name of whatever you are researching and if there is a subreddit – and there is almost bound to be unless your niche is very obscure – it will give you suggestions.

Find Keyworddit here:

Another great place to find out what people are really into is Twitter and my next tool for you will pull all the data you need from someone’s Twitter account.

This is insanely useful because it means you can learn not only who they follow and who follows them but also their common keywords, hashtags, and the most replied users.

There are so many uses for this tool which is called Burrd and you can find it here:

Another Twitter tool with the option to try it for nada is Followerwonk:

If you’ve ever done one of my courses, you will know much big a fan I am of knowing your target audience. One way to get to know them better is by studying your impact on them on social media and with my next nifty tool, you can do just that on Facebook.

Discover all kinds of things about your audience there, including their demographics, and how they respond to your updates with this:

And don’t forget Facebook’s own Audience Insights for even more golden information:

When it comes to finding great content for your target audience, sites and products as well as finding out what others are saying about you, many people love and advocate Google Alerts. An excellent alternative which some of us love even more is this:

Want to know how people browse and buy online, especially at certain times of year? Who better to go to than the monolith itself…Google.

For example, did you know that Tuesday is the peak day for watching YouTube fitness videos on TV screens? Which would make it the perfect time to release your new fitness marketing video…

Their Think With Google offers all the insights and data you could want just like that along with some excellent tools:

We’ve been focusing this week on tools that will help you get to know your audience and what they want so you can deliver it to them…and your TED talk this week explores another vital face of human behaviour for marketers…why people believe weird things:


And here is a pic of that stag beetle we found – cute, isn’t it?


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