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Quick question for you: what’s the most important part of your business?

The one thing you simply cannot afford to lose?

I bet you’ve got all kinds of answers but there is one that is going to apply to ALL of you…onliners and offliners…and that’s…

(drum roll)


Think about it for a second – no traffic means no subscribers, no leads, no buyers, no nothing.

Without decent amounts of traffic you are going nowhere.  And if you’re thinking: ‘but I hardly get any traffic right now’ then you’re doing something wrong.

Now, I know that traffic generation can seem complicated and confusing but trust me it’s not once you know what you’re doing and that generally means finding a method that works and sticking to it.

Don’t have a method? Then check out this step by step training that got 30k uniques (and that’s going some) – it’s just gone live and the price is frozen for the first hour super low but I have a hunch this will make WSOTD so that will be zooming up:

You also get a great traffic tool thrown in for what is, right now, a single digit amount…