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As you know, the internet and IM is constantly evolving and this week I’m going to share with you some of the more useful innovations. First up is the advent of YouTube cards which will help make your videos more interactive.

These are really annotations on steroids and I’m certainly going to be experimenting with them in the coming week. You can learn all about them here:

To help you create your Facebook ads, Facebook has brought out an ad images cheat sheet so you can create the most effective ads possible:

Something that has been around for a while but you may not yet have come across are Facebook Offers that you can create for you fans. This is a way to reward your most loyal fans which, in turn, will boost awareness of you and your offers as well as increasing sales.

Find out about those here:

Marketing Land is one of my go-to sites for finding out what’s new and hot online – this tutorial on selling big ticket items may be more evergreen than innovative but I thought it was too good not to share:

Smart Insights is another of my faves when it comes to keeping ahead of the curve and this downloadable infographic on why people unfollow brands on social media will get you thinking…and hopefully correcting any mistakes you’re currently making!

Save or print a copy and keep it beside you as a useful reminder when you’re posting on social media:

An innovation that always gets a strong reaction – whether that’s a cheer or a groan – is a Google algorithm update. We have yet another about to hit on April 21st and this has been dubbed the Mobile SEO-Pocalypse as it’s all to do with ensuring your sites are mobile search-friendly.

Learn how you can do that here:

Spring has definitely sprung, at least here in London, so you may be in need of some fresh spring graphics for your sites, pages and products.

There are some lovely vectors you can download for nada here:

And here (obviously, avoid the Premium examples as they come at a cost):

While this recently updated round-up of the best responsive WordPress themes for 2015 will help you become or remain mobile-friendly.

There are some excellent choices for local businesses included:

Finally, your inspiring TED talk this week suggests that to innovate, you need to become a ‘now-ist’.

Great stuff:

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