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We saw a brilliant movie last night – The Big Short, all about what led up to the 2007/8 financial meltdown. If that sounds boring, it really isn’t and at many points I laughed out loud because the script is so witty.

The movie exposed the people and systems that caused pain to so many of us – in fact, probably all of us. But out of that pain and chaos some better things have emerged, including the numbers of people now working for themselves whether through choice or necessity.

Why is that a good thing? For one, it gives you back control and for another it means you can create your own success…which I firmly believe everyone can, if they work at it.

Ah yes – work. That dirty word. But, whatever anyone tries to tell you, that’s what it takes. And I try to help you do that more efficiently and effectively through the resources I suggest here…

So that you can achieve even more success.

With that in mind, I’m focusing on innovations and improvements in various platforms and areas of marketing this week so you can apply those to your business.

First up is Pinterest’s improved retargeting which means you can now target people according to how they have interacted with your pins – important because people who have clicked on a pin are far more likely to take action.

Learn all about it here:

Facebook have also been busy improving their advertising offering – if you haven’t yet tried its Audience Network here’s why you should:

And here’s how to get started:

There’s been a lot of talk – and one or two products released – on the subject of LinkedIn Ads.

These can be highly effective and here’s an excellent podcast on the important stuff you need to know about them:

Trying out new tools can have a huge positive impact on your results, especially if it’s something like Start A Fire.

I love this because it lets you subtly include your links on the content you share and is so easy to use – plus, of course, it won’t cost you a bean:

Or you might find a new look for your site will work wonders in which case you should check out this great collection of responsive WP magazine themes:

Or this collection that covers all bases here:

More of an HTML person? Try these:

While if it’s a website editor you need, then head on over here:

We’re back to TED this week for a wonderful talk on how to kill your dreams – or rather, what to avoid so you can actually unleash that new idea on the world:


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