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And it was all going so well this week…until the boiler went bang.  Four days in and one ‘I’ll have to go and order the part’ repair man later, we’re still boiling up kettles and whistling the theme tune to Dambusters…

But worry not – in between fantasising about hot baths I have whipped up a selection of Weekend Takeaways to keep the home fires burning and your businesses ablaze.

First up is another excellent offering from the Leadpages gang in the form of an intriguing video on a new way to set up a squeeze page (I’m definitely trying this one) along with a free download of said page. Grab yours here:

While looking around for some new free WordPress themes to suggest within my new product, The eCash Generator (more on that later), I came across this lot…80 of them, in fact, and brand new for 2013. Fab! Not all are free but those that are truly are a cut above:

As my new product helps boost SEO, among many other important things, I thought I should bring you up to speed on the factors that really count SEO-wise this year (remember what I keep saying about content?):

And if you’d like to conduct an SEO audit of your site(s) then this is an excellent checklist to follow:

Now for this week’s motivational TED talk and this one is truly wonderful – all about how happiness helps you work better delivered by the witty Shawn Achor:



The eCash Generator will be released on Tuesday 14th May and is a brilliant fusion of how to build a hyper-engaged, monetized list from the start while giving yourself instant expert status AND boosting your rankings to boot. Phew! I’ll keep you posted…