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It is, of course, Valentine’s Day – depending on your perspective, that’s either a fabulous, rose-filled love fest or something a little less enticing.

Whatever your point of view, I’ve decided to take a look at how love in all its forms fits into marketing. You may be surprised at what I discovered…

First up, let’s take a look at that ‘do what you love and the money will follow’ adage. Sometimes that’s true, often it’s not as anyone who has lovingly created a product or promoted something that sold about two copies will know.

Here’s why that may not work for you along with some sage advice on what will:

Love can be a valuable marketing strategy…but only if it’s real. It’s the kind of love I teach and use every day. Here’s why and how along with a handy infographic:

The relationship/dating niche is evergreen and huge, with any number of sub-niches. One of the most popular is the getting your ex back niche – what hits a pain point harder than lost love?

In case you think this is saturated or old, I disagree. There are all kinds of relationships, all kinds of people to target and we humans will never stop needing a solution or at least some help with this issue.

Here are some great tips from Steve Scott on how to monetize a site in this niche:

The dating niche is also a ripe and rich one but you need to be creative in order to stand out. This case study is an excellent look at exactly how one guy did that:

Or you could always set up your own dating site and possibly find love along with profit as the owner of TrekDating did here:

The key point with that previous piece is that niche is where it’s at when it comes to dating sites and people are signing up in their droves.

These are the various monetization models that you can use:

And if you’d like to set up your own dating site, here’s how to do that step by step:

Into ecommerce? The relationship niche is a perennial hot one for you too as this handy list shows. It was created for affiliates but is invaluable for ecommerce store owners as well:

As I always teach, you must know your target audience intimately in order to be able to succeed and this week’s TED talk teaches you why we crave love so much, to the point where we would die for it (now that’s one hungry niche!)