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I was talking to a potential client this week who runs a furniture restoration and upholstery business. Pretty niche, I think you will agree and they need a lot of help with branding their online presence…or even having an online presence…

The first thing I suggested to them? That they should blog.

If you are wondering at this point why I am handing out advice before they have even signed on the dotted line, let me tell you this is the way I always do things. And it works.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of reciprocity when it comes to sales – essentially, give away something valuable and the recipient is far more likely to then buy from you. Well, that translates to offline clients and advice as well.

Why did I suggest blogging? Because blogging is the best way to establish authority, build a relationship with your customers and get the right kind of traffic, i.e. traffic that is tightly targeted to your niche.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this:


And this:


And if those have inspired you to start a blog, you need this:


With another great guide for beginners here:


Of course, the whole idea is to get a good ROI or ROYT (Return On Investment which in blogging terms usually means Return On Your Time and effort) – learn how to monetize your blog so you can get that return here:


There are any number of tools out there to help you blog faster, easier and better – here are 20 of the best that don’t cost a bean:


With 23 more here (there is some crossover):


While there are also techniques that can dramatically cut down the time and effort it takes to create great content:



Want a great theme for your blog? There are 43 of them here:


With more here:


Need some images to boost engagement? Try my current fave Pexels here:


Finally, if you could do with some encouragement to get that blog (or, indeed, anything) going, watch this:


Finally, if you could do with some encouragement to get that blog (or, indeed, anything) going, watch this:

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