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Have you ever stopped and thought about what you really want from the online life? Is it an additional stream of income? A full-time income (maybe to replace one you lost)? Or even to become a millionaire?

If you just looked at that last question and thought ‘Ha! Who me?’ or images from those cheesy salesletters with Ferraris sprang to mind, think again.

Here’s some sane and sensible advice from Entrepreneur that could actually help get you there – I especially like the reference to the Noah Kagan interview with Tim Ferriss which is one of my faves:

Another great episode from Tim Ferriss’ show is the one with Naval Ravikant – Tim’s go-to person for advice. As Tim says:

“…even if you have zero interest in startups or investing, this episode is well worth your time.  This is really about the habits and beliefs of a highly successful (and happy) person.”

Of course, there’s more than one way to get to those seven figures. Here’s how others have done it on eBay and how you can do it too:

And here are 32 methods Mark Anastasi used to go from being homeless and broke to being a genuine 7 figure earner:

Many of those who have broken the 7 figure barrier online have do so through bloggin, including Gina Trapani who founded LifeHacks and Pete Cashmore of Mashable.

Here’s Ryan Deiss on exactly how he grew a blog from zero to 6 million, complete with step by step advice:

Plus some sage advice from Matt Walsh on how he got there and how you can too:

Love him or loathe him, Frank Kern is an undisputed internet superstar – and you can grab his Triple Your Income report for nada here. Some of this is a little outdated but the overall principles he teaches in this are evergreen:

Pat Flynn is another big earner (as you can see posted on his blog) and here’s his take on the next big thing that you could help you get there too.

You may remember my mentioning Periscope earlier in the week – right now it’s hotter than hot:

Your TED talk this week is moving and inspiring in equal measure:

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