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It’s the day after Valentine’s and it finally feels safe to look at my inbox again…

Yesterday it was heaving with messages from marketers professing their undying love for me and I expect you got a heap of similar emails. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure they love me, in their own way. But somehow it felt a tad…forced.

There are ways and ways to engage with your subscribers and customers. As you’ve probably noticed, I prefer a straightforward ‘entertain and inform’ with the odd dash of Brit humour (it is humour, honest…and I make no apologies for the extra ‘u’).

Engagement is paramount to your success online and email is one way to do it. In this week’s newsletter I’m also giving you some other freebie tools and tips to increase your engagement with visitors, prospects and subscribers and thereby your conversions.

Let’s start with LeadConverter, a nifty tool that allows you to display eye-catching calls to action on any of your pages as well as surveys and personalized messages, meaning that you engage with your visitors before they leave your sales funnel.

The free plan lets you set up one website with up to 50 clicks per month for all of your widgets. Certainly worth trying the no cost version:

Another great engagement tools is UserEcho which enables you to set up forums, a helpdesk, a knowledge base and live chat. The free plan includes 1 user, 1 forum and fewer features but, again, may well be all you need:

Knowledge is priceless and knowing how your customers behave when they land on your site and interact with it is gold. ClickTale is a brilliant tool that gives you heat maps of the user experience and allows you to record videos of user interaction so you can act on the results to improve your site.

Don’t worry – you won’t be infringing anyone’s privacy or spying on the colour of their pyjamas!

You need to sign up for the free trial but well worth it if your conversions are disappointing and you can’t pinpoint why:

Analytics may sound boring but they are another vital component to your success. After all, if you don’t have solid data on what’s working and what’s not working then how are you supposed to improve things?

This excellent piece looks at 13 no cost Google analytics tools you can (and should) use every day:

Want even more conversion tips? Here are 101 of ‘em:

And just to prove I really do love you more than all those other marketers, here’s your late Valentine’s treat courtesy of the fabulous Hongkiat – make sure you check out his other freebies while you’re there:

Your TED talk this week also follows on from V-Day, with Amy Webb’s hilarious account of how she hacked online dating. Don’t just dismiss this as not for you on account of the subject matter as there are lessons that can be applied here to all kinds of situations:

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