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If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that we’re focusing on hot marketing trends for 2018 right now and this week’s hot trend is…


More specifically, social media stories on Instagram, FB and Snapchat which are all going to be a crucial part of your marketing strategy this year.

How on earth are you going to do that?

Simple – let’s start with Instagram stories and this from Shopify on how to use them for marketing (as well as why you should):

And then take a look at this on how to make Instagram stories like a pro:

Next up is Facebook and its story feature which is still relatively new, especially to most marketers.

Find out how to use it for marketing here:

And how to use stories for business pages here:

Then take a look at how brands use Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories here to boost their reach and sales:

Snapchat is probably the social media platform you haven’t yet tried when it comes to marketing so here are some tips on how to do just that:

With another excellent guide, especially on using Snapchat stories, here:

And a fascinating Instagram vs Snapchat marketing comparison here:

Your TED talk this week is the superb Shonda Rhimes in conversation on the future of storytelling – an increasingly important aspect of marketing in all its forms:


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