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The Rio Olympics end today and so many of the athletes who did better than they expected credit a change of approach…

Whether that’s a new training regime, a new coach or a new mindset – it works.

And in that spirit I’ve been looking around finding fresh inspiration and tools for you to apply to your business so you can win your own gold.

First up is Marcus Sheridan’s The Sales Lion, a site absolutely chock full of ideas, insights and training that will cost you absolutely nada.

I especially love his Marketing With Marcus videos that mostly teach content marketing and blogging – take a look at His How To Write Magical Blog Titles That Get Results to see what I mean:

And he also has three great ebooks that you can download in exchange for your details among many other great goodies:

I also rate Raven Tools and their blog where they offer freebie tools and tutorials – highly recommended is their site auditor tool:

Also recommended are their excellent, informative tutorials that are newbie friendly such as this one on adding affiliate links to your sites which covers essentials such as adhering to FTC guidelines as well as technical tips:

Cognitive SEO is a great blog specializing in – you guessed it – SEO but it also covers a host of other useful topics such as this one on 27 ways to repurpose your content:

And 45 quick traffic hacks that will boost your site:

Drip is another blog that goes far beyond its stated reach of email marketing – take a look at this inspiring post on the road to 10m in SaaS (software as a service) recurring revenue:

And this on the way to build buzz for your next product launch:

Which includes their invaluable list of top tools:

In the spirit of trying a fresh approach, I’d like you to watch Matt Cutts’ talk on Try Something New for 30 Days:

And then try out these challenges for the next 30 days:

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