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This week I passed my archery course and experienced the uplifting buzz you get when you master something new.

I know that every week you are bombarded with the new and shiny in IM but I decided in this Weekend Takeaway to find some resources that focus on new stuff you can add in to enhance what you are already doing…to make it even more effective!

Check these out and take what appeals to you or that you think will give your results even more oomph.

Let’s start with Snapchat and podcasting, the first a hot topic and the second more of an established marketing tool. Right now both are experiencing enormous growth.

If you’ve been thinking about dipping your toe in either or both but haven’t got around to it yet, this may help you take the plunge:

Want more on using Snapchat in your marketing?

Here are some great tips for beginners:

Facebook Video Ads are also exploding right now and here is an excellent guide to get you started in this highly lucrative arena (provided you do it right!).

This teaches you:

  • What Facebook video ads are
  • Why you should be running Facebook video ads
  • How to set up Facebook video ads
  • Six tips to make the most of Facebook video advertising

And all for nada! Check it out here:

Video is, of course, hugely popular – statistics show that it is likely to make up 80% of all traffic by 2019…

But have you thought about interactive video campaigns to get an even better response?

Here are the 5 types you should be considering:

And here are more ways to spice up your video marketing – and results – using the latest trends:

You may have heard of Facebook Lead Ads and how effective they are at lead generation but this is another area where I know people are hesitating to dive in…

In which case, these two guides might just convince you to add them to your marketing arsenal:

Adspressso also has a good guide and you can download 500 examples of effective lead ads if you sign up – bear in mind that they are an ad service although that doesn’t detract from the quality of their information:

Your TED talk this week was one of the most popular of 2015 with over 4m views and is pertinent to our topic this week because it’s all about how we stop ourselves trying something new…or achieving our dreams:

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