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Hello from London where the only thing to do on a soggy Sunday was have a fabulous fish and chip pub lunch! 

Yep, it’s carb comfort season…and they certainly hit the spot.  As for your Weekend Takeaways, this week I’m aiming squarely at your success buttons and resources to turn things up a notch. 

First up is a LinkedIn article and which resonated with me. It’s short, pithy and a good example of the kind of content that can really mark you out as a thought leader on LinkedIn as well as being full of good advice: 

Then there is an excellent blogging checklist that all of us should print out and pin up (I know…old skool!) before posting. Don’t blog? You should in this content-driven age!

Get your checklist here: 

Of course, to succeed you need leads and plenty of them. Not getting enough? Or simply believe you can never have too many (quite right)? Here’s an excellent ebook from the Unbounce crew to really set you rocking… 

As ever with them, you need to provide your details but I can attest that it’s not only worth it but they don’t then bombard you with anything but more good stuff: 

This week’s Kindle freebie is slightly unusual in that it only becomes free tomorrow (14th October) and then only for 5 days. 

Well worth marking your calendar or writing it on your hand as this is a wonderful guide to getting more customers brought to you by our very own Louie Lambrianidis: 

But remember – download it gratis from 14th October.

For your video recommendations this week I’ve chosen not one but ten of the best ever motivational speeches to set you on fire. You can find them all in one place here: 

So what am I up to this week? Apart from creating and working with clients, I’m giving my own motivational speech to a local business network, running a get together for all the new parents in my daughter’s new school and setting up the early stages of a new literary festival. 

That’s a lot of ‘news’ in one sentence…which is just the way I like it. 

Why not try out a few new (and hopefully slightly scary) things of your own? Then let me know about them so we can all share what works!

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