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I made a conscious decision this week to try something new every day and so far it’s proving a real eye-opener.

It’s all thanks to my daughter who pointed out that people always say life is short but even if you only live to be the average 85 now, trying something new every day from age 18 means nearly 25,000 different experiences over a lifetime.

Apply that to your online life and even if you only try something new once a week, you could add a huge number of marketable skills to your repertoire in just a year…

Skills you can use to create income in all kinds of ways, whether you freelance, create products or your own online store.

With that in mind, I’m kicking off this week with an excellent round-up from Mashable on 13 free or cheap online classes you can use to boost your digital skills:

Not sure which skills you really need? This will help you, listing the top 10 digital skills you must have right now along with mostly no cost ways to acquire them:

That last recommendation is a little thin on social media and no cost ways to acquire essential skills but never fear…that’s why I’m here!

This podcast will teach you how to nurture leads and prospects on social media and turn them into sales (essential for us all, IMHO):

While this is how to use LinkedIn ads successfully – if you haven’t tried them yet, you’ll be surprised at how well this unsaturated platform works:

Email marketing still not giving you the results you want? Here is an excellent podcast that is a segment from Dean Jackson’s Email Marketing Mastery program. In it, he teaches you:

  • The importance of beginning with the end in mind
  • How to determine the core of your marketing
  • Increasing confidence in making better offers to your ideal clients
  • Developing a long-term marketing plan to create a no-pressure marketing experience

And all for absolutely nada!

Does the idea of copywriting bring you out in a cold sweat? Or do you simply have no idea where to start? Andy Maslen’s five day email course is a good place to start – you get it in return for your opt-in:

Or if improving your web content is more what you had in mind, here is a comprehensive course that you can sign up to right now without spending a dime:

In the spirit of expanding your horizons, your TED talk this week is the wonderfully inspirational Shonda Rhimes on her year of saying yes to everything thanks to something her daughter said – fabulous!