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This week I’ve heard a lot of mention of marketers becoming jaded, of people turning away disenchanted from the net and back to ‘real’ jobs.

I think the truth is that all of us need to take a more portfolio approach to our working lives than simply sticking to one thing. Studies show that all highly successful entrepreneurs have more than one stream of income and usually several.

We tend get stuck in our little MMO boxes, thinking the only ways to earn a decent income from the net are the usual ones you see…

But there are all sorts of ways to keep the wolf from the door and even turn that into a very nice earner indeed.

Take a look at these for example – online dating consultant anyone? And don’t dismiss these as not for you because there are plenty of real people out there making these work for them:

And 89 more ideas here, online and off, to keep you all warm, toasty and well-fed this winter as well as best friends with your bank manager:

While here’s a piece I absolutely love on the unexpected way Glen from Viperchill changed direction online and succeeded – he gives it all to you, including the steps he took and the habits he practices every day to get where he is:

While if you have a teen at home who’d like to earn a bit extra (yay!) then here are 200 ideas for them, many of which you can, of course, do as well:

Of course, we’re all more motivated at some times than others…if you feel your motivation needs a boost, check this out:

And 16 more great tips here:

While your TED talk this week is the wonderful Dan Pink on the puzzle of motivation – so popular that over 16m people have viewed this….why not be one of them?


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