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This week we’re talking traffic and more specifically how to get more of it. I’m focusing on this not only because it’s a perennially vital topic for any marketer but also because I had some questions in the wake of recommending Azon Authority which is a site-building product.

Now, as I am sure you are aware, you obviously can’t just slap up a site and expect people to come flocking to it. A site-building product – and I use a few – will help you make that site more SEO friendly, appealing, higher-converting etc but you need to drive traffic to it as well.

These days it’s not enough just to rely on ‘free’ traffic from SEO – and I say ‘free’ because there is always a cost even if it’s time and effort rather than money. You need to be building your social media presence, blogging, using YouTube etc and the good news is that if you do that right, you will be able to build traffic that gains momentum which means that you will get to that point where you can sit back, relax and let things more or less run themselves.

One way to help you achieve that and stay on top of it is to outsource and we’ll talk more about that in another newsletter but right now let’s look at what’s working in 2015 when it comes to driving traffic.

First up is this excellent compilation of 48 expert tips by affiliate marketer Matthew Woodward – some of my own faves in here as well as stuff that was new and intriguing:

And here is another good round-up of ways to generate traffic aside from Google:

For an intelligent take on content marketing/blogging as a traffic strategy take a look at this piece by Dave Schneider – I especially like his suggestion that you focus on building something outside of your blog first and then using that as the hook to get visitors to your site:

Here’s a rather nice case study on how one ecommerce site owner got some expert help to solve his traffic problems – some good tips here:

Staying with ecommerce, here are some more great tips on making use of social media to market effectively and therefore drive more traffic:

While this from Shopify contains tips that are still relevant and helpful for all kinds of marketers:

Of course, SEO is still an important part of the traffic-driving mix and here is an in-depth free course for those of you who are new (ish) to it. You can follow online or download the PDF:

It’s the Easter long weekend in the UK and many of us are gorging on chocolate…I can’t send you each an Easter egg but I can leave a little Easter gift for you under this week’s TED talk.

Your TED talk this week is a treat in itself – Angela Lee Duckworth on the key to success:

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