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It’s that time of year again – everything gets frantic. You are probably super busy. But with so much on your plate, you’re overwhelmed or you’re just not feeling it…

To be honest, that can happen at any time which is why I am focusing here on tips and techniques to help you get more done when you’re drowning or when you think you can’t.

Let’s start with a gorgeous infographic that shows you how to make yourself work when you’re just not feeling it:

One thing that, ironically, may be making you less productive is multitasking – here’s what to do instead:–cms-25159

Habits are huge…look around and you see blogs and advice on hacking your habits everywhere. Change your habits and you can change or life. Or at least make it a lot easier.

A good place to start is here:

Although changing ingrained habits is easier said than done so you will also want to take a look at this from the wonderful Leo Babauta on overcoming our biggest obstacle to creating habits:

While I also love his advice on how to form the decisiveness habit – get this one right and I can promise you will shave hours of procrastination and vacillation from your life:

New to this whole working for yourself thing? Here are 11 productivity hacks just for you:

It always helps to have some tools to boost your productivity and here are some goodies you can grab for nada, starting with the StayFocused extension for Chrome:

If you’re constantly switching between devices like your phone, tablet and computer then you need PushBullet which links them all up so there is no need to waste time synching or sending yourself files.

The basic version is no cost and works just fine:

Then there is WorkFlowy which works like a notebook for lists so you can keep everything in one place while working on your different projects – hard to explain, cool to use:

And if you would like to take a course to increase your productivity, here are 10 to choose from…all, again, at zero cost:

For your TED talk this week, what better than Andy Puddicombe’s All It Takes Is Ten Mindful Minutes to kickstart your day or even your life?


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