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I’m a big proponent of multiple learning styles and multiple learning opportunities. Having led all kinds of classes and workshops both on and offline, I know only too well that people are individual in their learning needs and preferred methods.

I was thinking about that this morning as I checked some of my Pinterest pins. It’s always a good idea to check they’re still working and relevant and an even better idea when you realise this is great stuff to share with your lovely subscribers…

Especially as so much of it comes in visual as well as text and other forms to serve those multiple learning styles…

So here’s the best of my curated best for you this week courtesy of some of my fave pins!

First up is an excellent example of how to really serve your visitors – a great tutorial served up in written, audio and visual form.

I hope you learn as much from the way others do things as the content they offer and this is a great lesson in so many ways, not least as a social media guide:

My next goodie for you is outstanding for its organisation – he has helpfully divided the 12 features into 4 categories which helps those who prefer their information neatly chunked up. This one is on the secret Facebook features every marketer should be using:

Let’s move on now to Snapchat and 13 marketing tips for beginners on the platform – this one is served up in typical Pinterest infographic style which serves both visual and textual learners:

One very popular pin is 50 Ways To Market Your Business Online and it’s not hard to see why as the highly useful list graphic is included in a more comprehensive tutorial with a wealth of relevant links – something here for everyone:

I absolutely love the clean, clear infographic that’s included with 16 Social Media Tips From World-Class Marketing Pros – you get some tips in the graphic, some in the piece and a lot more from the included links:

And if you want to boost your own Pinterest marketing, here’s a handy infographic you can download and keep:

Plus an excellent case study of a strategy that drives 50k visitors a month to Pinterest:

Whatever your learning style, you’ll love what’s in this week’s TED talk which is all about the power of passion and perserverence…two things that I firmly believe are the secret ingredients to success:


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