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Yesterday I revisited Brixton market in London. I haven’t been there for years and had heard that it had become very gentrified but luckily it was much the same…only better.

The familiar stalls and shops selling everything and anything were still there alongside artisan chocolate shops, vintage shops and food stalls from every corner of the globe.

Gentrified? Yes but in a good way…

And that’s the theme of this week’s newsletter…how change or doing things differently can sit happily alongside carrying on with the stuff that works for you.

I decided to focus first on affiliate marketing with this, partly because I just released my new Pokemon PLR package and wanted to give you fresh ideas on how to make the most of it, and partly because this is one area people tend to have a lot of unhelpful preconceptions.

Before we move on to the goodies, let’s just dispel a few myths…yes, affiliate marketing still works. In fact, in many ways it works better than ever with some global companies and businesses getting in on the act.

Can it still work for you? Of course although you might like to take on some of the ideas, tips and tools I share here to make it easier and more profitable.

Let’s kick off with a humdinger of a piece from Niche Hacks containing wisdom from 37 of the world’s experts when it comes to affiliate marketing right now – priceless:

A beginner when it comes to affiliate marketing? Or think you could do with some step by step guidance?

Here’s what you need from Neil Patel…one of the best:

Someone else who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to affiliate marketing is Pat Flynn. I think his income stats speak for themselves but Pat also has a lot to share on the subject…

This is a classic episode from his podcast that shares his rules for becoming a successful affiliate marketer:

While if you would like to learn how one guy raked in over 8m as an Amazon Associate, go here:

Of course, affiliate marketing cuts both ways and if you have your own ecommerce store or sell your own products you might like to learn how to get your own affiliates to spread the love (and bring in more moolah!).

There’s a great tutorial on that right here:

And more here:

If you’re a consultant or coach and think affiliate marketing has nothing to do with you then think again.

Not only can it boost your own income with well-chosen offers to present to your subscribers and clients, it can also form another service to offer to those clients as you set up affiliate income streams for them too.

Always be thinking laterally when it comes to marketing and never be afraid to question what you are doing and perhaps find a new way of doing it…

All of which neatly leads on to your TED talk this week…one of the most popular of all time…Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action, starting with ‘why’…

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