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I’ve been judging stories this week for a Young Writers competition and it reminded me how the power of story drives the best marketing.

I know that can seem confusing – how on earth do you combine the two? So this week I am bringing you some resources and tools to help you do that…

And, as ever, it won’t cost you a bean!

First up is this excellent podcast and tutorial on how to create story-telling videos so you can utilise this most powerful of mediums to bring you more sales, subscribers etc.

Two of the excellent tools suggested are cost-free while Animoto has a trial option:

One of the most compelling ways to tell your story on social media is through your images.

Take a look at this for some great suggestions on how to improve those along with 27 tools you can use to do so, most of which are available for nada:

If you’re an offline consultant, coach or into ecommerce you might be thinking this storytelling stuff doesn’t apply to you.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your brand – even if that’s just a one-person brand – needs to convey its story to gain clients and customers.

Here’s how to do that (this applies to all marketers!):

And here’s how to infuse those stories and sales messages with emotion to nail even more clients – if you’ve taken one of my courses you’ll be familiar with how well this works:

Want to know why this storytelling stuff works so well? Find out here along with some superpowers and scientific facts:

Then get this excellent selection of tools here to help you tell your own story:

Want to know what makes a great story? Hear what Andrew Stanton, writer of such huge hits as WALL-E and Toy Story has to teach you on the subject…and then apply it to your own marketing stories:


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