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As you may know if you’ve taken my eCash Generator course, I firmly believe in ecourses or mini courses as one of the best ways to first attract prospects, turn them into subscribers and keep ‘em coming back for more.

Here’s a good outline to follow to do just that:–10-Steps-to-Triple-Your-Prospect-Conversions-with-an-Email-MiniCourse.html

These days I find that multimedia courses offer you so many more options and keep your subscribers on your site and listening to your message for longer – that’s the reason I created my new PLR ecourse Social Secrets because I know it works so well. And don’t forget that ecourses are also, of course, a great option as a product to sell.

Some of the best creators of multimedia courses are the top universities around the world who have put a huge number of these online…for absolutely no cost.

Here’s where you can access 1150 of these on all kinds of subjects so you can learn not only the topic at hand but great ways of presenting information for your own ecourses:

They also have 150 business courses here that will, again, cost you absolutely nothing:

Multimedia needs to extend across all your marketing efforts and here is an excellent piece on how to ‘kick ass’ with your multimedia content marketing:

Mention multimedia and most people think video – which is great because it’s a very powerful marketing tool, especially on social media.

Here are 7 ways you can boost the impact of your social media marketing with video:

And 7 more ways to use it to drive traffic and conversions:

Of course, to make those videos you’re going to need resources and tips – here are a ton of ‘em:

Flipagram is a great freebie app to help you easily create those videos and you can get it here:

While for all your visual marketing – video and still – you’re going to need images…luckily for you, there are 61 sources here that won’t cost you a penny:

Your TED talk this week is, I think, particularly appropriate for people with busy lives who are trying to build a business or keep one running smoothly – it’s all about how to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed:

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