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The beauty of IM is its speed – you can post something and within seconds you get a response.

I was reminded of that yesterday when I bought a vintage jacket for my daughter from Portobello market here in London. The owner of the shop asked if she could Instagram my daughter in it and within moments the image had been liked by a bunch of people, among them influential stylists and fashion buyers.

A great result for the shop owner as she reinforced her brand and positioning while getting some excellent free advertising. I have no doubt that photo will lead to more sales as it shows off her shop and her stock in the best light.

But it’s not just Instagram that gets fast results and so this week I’ve put together some tips for speedy marketing moves that will quickly boost your business.

If you haven’t discovered Vine yet then go check it out. Its short, 6 second videos can have huge impact and this is a space that is mostly under utlilized by marketers:

Think blog commenting is dead?

Think again. It’s one of the fastest ways to get traffic and to build your authority/brand.

Take a look at Quicksprout’s video to see how Neil Patel drives traffic through comments:

And go here to read an excellent guide on building your brand and authority through blog commenting, among many benefits:

Speedy Marketing Tips

Yahoo Answers is another traffic driver that few talk about these days which is great for you because it still works really well!

This pithy guide will help you get started:

Don’t forget that Yahoo Answers is also a good way to generate leads – this tutorial from Unbounce teaches you not just how to leverage Yahoo but all kinds of platforms through your content: sales dipping? Here are 7 quick ways to boost them without busting a gut:

Want more subscribers fast?

Here are 41 tips that will help – some fast and some a little more long term:

In case all that speed has you overwhelmed, here’s an antidote in the form of Carl Honore’s classic TED talk in praise of slowness:

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