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It’s the height of summer for many of us, including me, and sometimes I think we need inspiration more at this time of year than in the doldrums of winter…

Especially when you’re sitting at your computer wondering what happened to that internet dream of the laptop on the beach!

Quite apart from the fact that sand is not that great for laptops, work still has to be done even when the sun shines (sorry to burst that bubble!)

But the right resources and tips can make that easier for you so you can get away for some precious relaxation time as well…and hopefully this week’s supply of those will help you work smarter rather than harder 🙂

Let’s kick off with this excellent keyword list generator from SEObook – fast, free and oh so useful:

They also have a rather good keyword tool which may be a breath of fresh air if you’re fed up with the Google Adwords version:

This is a busy time of year for anyone sourcing for their ecommerce sites or Amazon – this global trade show calendar should help streamline the process:

Those of you who are my regular readers will know how highly I rate Ben Settle as an email copywriter and this interview with him offers brilliant insights into how he pulls in those sales by breaking all the rules:

I’m always teaching the importance of branding and positioning for all of us and here’s Jay Abraham to underline the fact. In this excellent episode from Mindvalley’s training videos, he talks about finding your niche so your customer will pick you over your competitor:

While you’re there, check out the other training in the series.

As for your Kindle freebie this week, I’ve chosen: “Connecting Happiness and Success: A Guide to Creating Success Through Happiness”

Someone I admire enormously, Judy K, espouses this approach and if it sounds too woo woo for you, check out the real life examples of business and financial success in the book.

Your TED dose of inspiration this week comes courtesy of Caroline Casey and her deeply moving story:


And here’s your free gift – a great guide to optimizing your landing pages so you can make more moolah:

Click here to download

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