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Your Weekend Takeaways this week are a reflection of what I got up to and the excellent resources I found along the way to help me in my projects.

As I’ve been spending a lot of time on a new series of Kindle books, I decided to dig out some useful tips on how best to format for Kindle given all the changes Amazon have implemented.

One excellent article I came across was on the correct fonts to use and you can find that on Global Indie Author, a wonderful resource with a wealth of free information:

If you do decide to invest in her books, I can heartily recommend them as two of the best guides on Kindle I have bought, especially when it comes to formatting.

Ane issue that always plagues me – and might bug you as much – is getting rid of all those weird special characters Word likes to add to a document that then mess it up when you try to format for other media, including Kindle.

Here’s a very useful guide I found to help with that:

Widening out our focus, I found another great free resource for stock images and backgrounds which is invaluable for all kinds of product creation or any project involving design (including your websites).

Some really nice stuff here and excellent tutorials as well:

Talking of products, I also came across this superb post on Smart Passive Income, one of my favourite sites, which talks about the best ways to add bonuses to your products.

Given that this can mean the difference between a mediocre response and a successful promotion or launch, I recommend you all take a look at this:

Another piece that grabbed my attention was this one on using Creative Commons licenses as a marketing tool. Really insightful and well worth a few moments of your time as well:

Your Kindle freebie suggestion this week is the temptingly titled Never Work Again.

Those of you who have read The 4 Hour Work Week will recognise the format but this is meatier than most in the genre with some good exercises.

It’s also strong on outsourcing and so it should be – the author owns an outsourcing company in the Philippines:

Finally, a podcast this week in place of a video and this is a humdinger of a session with two first class marketers: James Schramko and Mike Cowles on how they go about creating their highly successful products.

Listen, learn and emulate:

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