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For a large chunk of this week I have been struck down by the flu…which, to me, is a blessing.

Why? Well, for one thing I had hit that brick wall when your body gives up and forces you to rest. And for another, I get some of my best ideas when feverish!

I make a point of writing my ideas down, however silly, as they come to me. That way the enemy of progress and innovation, self-censorship, cannot creep in.

One of my heroes online and off is James Altucher who writes down 10 ideas a day without fail. When he went through a recent rough patch, he credits his ideas list for saving him and kick-starting several new businesses.

This week’s newsletter is, therefore, designed to help you get those idea juices flowing whether you have no businesses or several so you can start, restart or revitalize and make more moolah into the bargain!

Let’s kick off with this look at how 6 experts come up with their best business ideas – simple, practical and doable:

Need some blog post ideas to drive traffic, build an audience or engage more? Take a look at this:

Got or want an ecommerce store but have no idea what to sell? Here’s an excellent two-part series that will help:

While this 16 step guide to evaluating any product idea is invaluable:

And finally from Shopify, the 10 best places entrepreneurs go to find product ideas:

Sometimes the problem is having too many business ideas rather than none…or not knowing which to choose. Here’s an excellent guide to finding your way through the idea maze and picking the one that is right for you:

Or you might be stuck for ideas – if that’s the case, this podcast offers a fresh take on how to come up with instant digital product ideas, some of which you may already have created (you may want to skip the Star Wars chat at the beginning – these guys are fabulously geeky!):

Your TED talk this week is a classic but always worth revisiting – Seth Godin on how to get ideas to spread:

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