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This week we’re talking mistakes people make when it comes to IM or running an online business…

So that you can avoid them or turn things around if you’ve already made one!

First up is this excellent list of around 30 ways people mess things up for themselves when it comes to the web and how to do better:

While here you can learn why hype is not how you should be doing things these days (which is something you hear from me all the time):

Then there are these 14 marketing mistakes so many people make and how you can avoid them:

Email marketing not bringing you the results you want? Could be you’re getting it wrong in any one or more of these 21 ways:

And if your social media campaigns have left you crying into your cornflakes, you might want to consider these 5 fatal mistakes you could be making…

Facebook ads are one social media arena where you can not only make mistakes but lose a bunch of moolah doing so.

Nicholas Kusmich is my go-to guy when it comes to FB advertising and this podcast will teach you all you need to know to avoid those common FB ad fails and run a winning campaign instead:

If ecommerce is more your thing, then it’s wise to learn from someone who’s been there and done that…especially if they are prepared to share their 10 biggest mistakes with you so you can avoid them:

Want to know the biggest mistake I see all kinds of people making time and again?

Failing to back up.

Forget all your marketing genius – if your PC goes down and takes all your hard work with it, you’re going to be bashing your head against your (dead) keyboard. Unless, of course, you’ve taken my advice and used one of these:

The same advice holds when it comes to your site – if it’s WP based, try these:

Your TED talk this week is Richard St John on why success is a continuous journey – one in which you will make plenty of mistakes:

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