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I am writing you this from an archery field where I am helping out with the big opening shoot of the season…

I’m in charge of the raffle!

But we have been practising all week so the theme for your newsletter was obvious: targeting.

Before we get to your resources, why should you use targeting in your marketing?

Simply because you will get far better results and therefore more response and more sales.

So without further ado, let’s move on to your first recommended resource which is this excellent tutorial on targeting and segmentation in your email marketing:

Then there is the equally good guide to finding your target audience on social media:

As well as this eye-opening report by Heidi Cohen with 37 social media facts you don’t want to miss if you really want to pin down that target audience:

Geo targeting and geo location are where it’s at when it comes to optimizing your site for the best results – here are 10 practical tips on using geo location to reach your target audience:

And some more useful tips on how to make sure your site ranks in its target country:

Want a no cost geo-targeting solution so you can set all this up on your site? Here’s an explanation of where to get that and how to implement:

Into video marketing and want to make sure you target the right audience? Here’s a tutorial aimed at ecommerce site owners but useful for you all:

While on Facebook targeting your ads will not only make you more money it will save you a lot too…here’s how to do it properly:

With some unique twists on that here:

No idea how to find your target audience in the first place? Here’s Amy Porterfield to the rescue:

Targeting is, of course, all about focus and your Ted talk this week is all about the importance of that and staying in the moment so you can be happier:


I’m staying focused because once I’ve run the raffle (and helped with the scoring!), I’m launching Red Hot Reviews at 2pm EST today…


Wish me luck and stay tuned to your inbox!

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