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Every week I wade through the latest batch of new releases and launches to find those I think are worth recommending. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

This week I went through a couple that I could have written out on the back of an envelope and given you more substance. Sometimes I literally groan in disbelief and despair.

Of course there are also great courses and products out there…

And some of them can be yours for the asking.

So by way of redressing the balance, this week I’m sharing the following that will teach you far more than I could fit on the largest envelope and give you all kinds of invaluable skills.

For starters, you can find an incredible selection of courses at ALISON, including courses on Ecommerce, Social Media Marketing and more – here’s a link to their marketing and sales courses and you can browse the others in the menu on the left of the page:

Over at Code Academy you can learn all kinds of coding including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and more with their very high quality tutorials:

While at Udemy there are even more courses to choose from that don’t cost a bean, including these that I have picked out as being of particular interest:

Google runs the excellent Analytics Academy to teach you all you need to know about using this essential tool:

And here’s a comprehensive tutorial on how to turn PLR into the cold, hard stuff:

PLR can, of course, be repurposed into all kinds of products and for more product creation tips and lessons, try these:

Your TED talk this week is on how to build a business that lasts 100 years – way longer than you might want or need but certainly inspirational!

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