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Re-Energize, Re-Motivate and Regroup For Even Greater Success!

It’s a holiday weekend here in the UK and that back to school feeling is in the air. At this time of year, you need re-energising, re-focusing and re-motivating…so that’s going to be the focus of your takeaways this week! Let’s kick off with two of my ...

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Fire Up Your February With These Marketing Freebies

On a chilly February day, what more could you want than a bunch of great stuff you can access or download for absolutely nada? And this week’s selection will warm anyone’s heart as there is something here for everyone. First up some luscious vector illustr...

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What It Takes To Work For Yourself…And Other Freebies

Every week when I sit down to write Weekend Takeaways I try to think of all of you – by that I mean I aim to come up with suggestions that will span the wide variety of online and offline interests you represent. Of course, not everything I recommend wil...

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