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How Anyone Can Succeed. Yes, Even You. Especially You.

I sometimes mention particular people to you in my emails who have succeeded online and off, often against the odds. I usually tell you a bit of their personal story so that you can be inspired into also succeeding…in your own way. In this week’s Takeaways...

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Why Evergreen Outshines Shiny Every Time

This week I am bringing you some solid, evergreen marketing tips and methods that genuinely do work and are proven to do so by some of the biggest companies/marketers out there. I’m doing so as a response to the furore over a certain launch which was based o...

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Branding & Rebranding To Get More Customers

I’m just back from a few days away combining business with pleasure… Yes, I know some people say you should never do that but it works for me! For some of the time I was advising on a total rebranding involving an overhaul of their social media marketing a...

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