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We have had two days of glorious sunshine in London which brings a smile to most people’s faces and certainly mine.

In celebration of that, I have gone hunting far and wide on the web to bring you freebies to make you smile too!

Let’s start with a brand new selection of WP themes to freshen your sites or even help you start one at last:

You’ll need great titles and content to pull in those visitors – try Portent to help you do that with ease:

And some lovely pics from yet another new resource (at least, it’s new to me):

Once you have that site just the way you want it, why not run a contest to drive traffic and increase your reach as well as getting some handy backlinks?

To make that easy for you, Gleam is an excellent tool:

Want more ways to drive traffic for nada? Here are 101:

I have just signed up for this fantastic coding course bundle. Yeah, I know. Me coding. Well, if I can do it so can you…and add a hugely valuable set of skills in the process…

Or if you’d rather brush up your marketing skills, there are some great options out there.

If you’re a more intermediate or advanced marketer, this course is excellent and I love the title – Advanced Social Media Marketing For Picking Up Clients:

While if you’d like to learn how to monitor your impact and influence so you can create even more, Udemy also has this:

Email marketing more your thing? How about this course which will teach you all about email marketing for ecommerce:

And once you’ve mastered those email marketing stills, here are 69 tools to help you monitor your results:

I’m leaving you with some TED thoughts on how staying in the moment makes you happier:

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