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January can be a tough month for many reasons, especially when it comes to making sales and enough to put food on the table, so I decided to focus in this week’s newsletter on ways to help you combat that.

Let’s start with this from Mashable on 4 expert ways to manage your business this year – aimed at freelancers but useful for us all:

If writing’s your thing, here’s another excellent piece on how to make more from that:

I know many of you combine full time or other jobs with your freelance work or business and that can also be tough. Here’s some tips to help make that easier or to get you started:

And here are 20 websites that will help:

Not making as many sales as you’d like from your ecommerce enterprise? Here are some easy ways to boost those:

What if you’d love an ecommerce business but have no money to set it up? Read this:

If creating digital courses is more your thing, here are 15 platforms you can use to sell them, many of which you may never have come across before. Not all have a basic or free plan so check first :

Now for some useful freebies that will help you in your endeavours and here is a wonderful list of all the best image sites that will cost you absolutely nada from the inimitable Nile Flores:

I like this list by Flora Pang of a host of different freebie tools because she keeps it constantly updated – have a look and see what there is to help you:

Finally, your TED talk this week is the joyously brilliant What Happens When You Reply To Spam Email – a real treat:

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