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Hey there – it’s Weekend Takeaways time again!

This week we’ve been bombarded with Christmas messages on the TV and internet, the Oxford Street lights have been turned on (and are very pretty – take a look) and the shops are full of shiny objects…

So I’ve decided to get you thinking about the year ahead and how you’re going to tackle it armed with this week’s free resources and training!

We all need a little mind jiggle now and again – the kind of shake-up of the old grey matter that gets outworn ideas unstuck and new thoughts moving.

What I’d like to start off with is the whole notion of being an entrepreneur, of working for yourself…there are endless ways to do that and succeed so if your approach is not turning out how you like, take inspiration from these guys:

Of course, there are common personality traits we all need to succeed. I’ve shared some links to tests and quizzes before but I particularly like this article and the link to the How Good Are Your People Skills test halfway down the page (in the grey tip box):

I believe that people skills are going to become more and more important in the year ahead, just as I’ve been preaching the importance of humanizing your marketing this year.

And don’t think that just because your business is entirely online you get to escape because you don’t – pay special attention to Tips #5, #8 and #9 in this piece:

Talking of the personal approach, I love this because it really does help provide that.

You know those websites you visit where you are invited to leave a voice message? I see those more and more. And now I’ve found for you a widget that will let you do that too with an excellent free plan option:

Of course, success is all about achieving the right work-life balance for you and this handy tool is going to help you do that right now and in the year ahead. Again, it has a great free option:

A lot of people find that stress gets in the way of success, stopping them from working at their optimal level.  This week’s Kindle freebie should help deal with that and provides some excellent life tips from which we can all benefit:

With that in mind, our TED talk this week is by Kelly McGonigal on making stress your friend:


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