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I am writing you this from Oslo where I have spent a few magical days and from where I am sending you some magical tips!

I love Scandinavia because there is so much emphasis on quality and tech innovation. Some would say that ingenuity is the result of all those long, dark nights but I think it’s in the soul of the people, especially here in Norway which gave the world so many great explorers.

That sense of exploration and adventure permeates the culture today and one example is in an Oslo institution called Tim Wendelboe, one of the best places to get coffee in town, if not the best.

This thriving business is a great example for you of what can be done if you focus on becoming the absolute best at what you do in your particular niche.

The founder (funnily enough called Tim Wendelboe!) started on a quest to make the best cup of coffee in the world…and he didn’t even like coffee all that much when he began. But he learned and he refused to be anything but the best, winning world championships and all kinds of accolades along the way.

Today his trendy little coffee shop is the hub of an empire that stretches worldwide, exporting his lovingly hand-roasted coffee to places near and far. You can check out his website here to see how he does it:

And using him as an example of how focusing tightly on one niche while insisting on being the best is an excellent path for you to follow, let’s also take a look at Jay Abraham’s Strategy of Pre-Eminence which Wendelboe – and many other success stories like him – essentially follows and which has made Abraham his gazillions.

You can download both the primary and advanced strategies here as well as other goodies that form a complete tutorial in how to stand head and shoulders above the competition:

Now let’s take a look at some other ways you can stand out as a marketer and within your niche.

You can, as they do here, start with your why:

You can also use these seven strategies here to stand out on and offline:

And you can stand out with your blog in any niche, no matter how crowded, by following these suggestions:

Then there is social media with its all-important influencers – here’s what they do to stand out and what you can do too:

How do those people become influencers? One way is to be seen as the go-to expert which, of course, also sets you apart from the crowd.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it – the way to succeed is to narrow down your niche, just like Tim Wendelboe…

And here’s how to do that:

The great thing about focusing and narrowing down your niche, as well as practising pre-eminence, is that you can then do something you love, as Tim has done…

Which, in my opinion, is a gift and one of the best routes to happiness you can follow.

But there are many routes to happiness and your TED talk this week is all about ‘happy maps’ and how we can follow them to even more happiness: