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Squeeze pages: the lifeblood of any internet business worth its salt. 

They’re the way you capture leads and subscribers…literally squeezing them into your funnel… 

So you can make sales! 

Thing is, people have so many theories on them. Me? I like to keep it simple, like so much of my marketing. How do I do that? By following this process: 

  1. I think about who is signing up
  2. I think about why they are signing up
  3. I think about where they are signing up

And I use all of that to dictate the design and content of my squeeze page so it converts…again and again. 

The more targeted you can make your marketing – and the more personal – the better the results.  OK, so the technical stuff can be a pain which is why I think this is a must have: 

Of course, one of the next steps in your autoresponder funnel should be to a sales page and – as you know – I am a huge fan of video sales pages because they work.  Pure and simple. 

But – and here’s the crucial part – they have to convert.  And how do you do that? By learning a simple 5 step formula which you can get here: 

And remember those lessons I promised you? Here’s the first…all about (you guessed it) squeeze pages.  I recorded it on the fly while sitting under a railway arch (long story) so imperfectly packed with good info: 

Enjoy, let me know what you think and more to come.