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This week I’ve been revisiting some tried and tested resources to see what’s new as well as checking out brand new stuff. My first recommendation is that you take a look or another look at the Duct Tape Marketing ebook selection – all for nada and covering a huge range of topics.

Although Duct Tape Marketing focuses on local marketing there is something for everyone here with the topics covered including content marketing and productivity. Check them out here:

Email marketing is fundamental to success in almost all areas of marketing whether you are a product creator, an affiliate marketer, an offline consultant or an Amazon seller.

To be successful at it, you need to remain ahead of the curve and here is an excellent piece from our old friends at Clickz on the art of building inbox anticipation:

I haven’t suggested anything from Make Use Of in a while either although, again, it’s always worth a browse. Here is a handy guide from them on 5 tools that can help you write better emails:

And another really useful one on how to extract images from PDF files:

Mashable is another site that is always worth a visit or revisit and here is a useful tutorial on how to get the most out of Pinterest’s guided search. As you know, I’m a big fan of using Pinterest to source new ideas and this will make that process a whole lot easier:

Reddit is another resource I often use for ideas and research – if you’re new to the site, then here is a good beginner’s guide to get you going:

And for those of you who are more experienced with Reddit, here’s how to use it to grow your business:

Of course, no Weekend Takeaways would be complete without a TED talk and this week’s is a classic on how drawing toast can help you solve your work problems:

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