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Can you smell that? The fresh air of 2018?

Fresh year, fresh approach – certainly for me and, I hope, for you too. So with that in mind, let’s dive straight in there with this…a fresh look at how to use Twitter for marketing.

Yes, Twitter. Not my favourite social media platform, I freely admit. But after listening to this, that could change and fast. I think you’ll find it inspiring too:

Mark Schaefer is the man who wrote the Tao of Twitter but he is an all-round social media strategist. You might like this from his own podcast, The Marketing Companion on cocooning consumers and other mega marketing trends:

And his take on content shock:

Regular readers will know about The Journey which follows Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, as he continues to pursue what many will see as an impossible goal: to grow his company’s customer base by more than 62% year over year.

In this episode, Mike acts on feedback from people who choose not to purchase his event. He rapidly acts to help turn lurkers into customers.

Talking of social media marketing, here’s what the experts predict will be hot this year:

To help you with all that social media marketing, you’re going to need some nifty tools…like these:

Your TED talk this week will help with that all important marketing mindset or even your meltdown moments – this is all about how you are not, after all, at the mercy of your emotions: