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Thanks for choosing to promote Social Location Slam Dunk! It’s great to have you on board.  Your list is going to love Social Location Slam Dunk because it is the perfect hybrid of my WSO Of The Day, KISS Local, and my bestselling Foursquare Uncovered.

I’m sure it’s going to convert extremely well for you and if there’s anything I can do to help you promote  – or you would like a review copy – then please email me at:

You can grab your affiliate links here:


The Funnel

Front end runs from $7.95  – $9.95 and is a complete biz in a box package consisting of:

2 PowerPoints

2 Videos

Illustrated script


User Guide


OTO is a complete done-for-you package that runs from $12.95  – $17 and consists of:

4 Professional Videos

2 Voiced-Over Videos



Below is an email swipe which you can send out to your list – I’ve provided a choice of subject lines but feel free to adapt and mix it up as the more you personalize this the better your list will love you for it.  I’ll be adding more email swipes and other material so please feel free to check back again soon:


Subject lines:

Super Easy Offline Package

Finally get started as an offline consultant with this…

A killer offline combo!


Email body:

Hi {name},

Still struggling to get those offline sales?  Or not
getting as many as you’d like?

I know it’s tough to get prospects to sign on the dotted
line for your services when there are so many other
consultants out there competing for their business.  Then
there’s the fact that local biz owners are becoming just a
little jaded at the same old offers being thrown at them
day after day…

Luckily for you (and me), successful offline consultant
Amanda Craven has come up with this killer new business in
a box package that combines all the power of her WSO Of
The Day, KISS Local, with the punch of her bestselling
Foursquare Uncovered.

Armed with this, you have all you need to SHOW business
owners how well this works before they even part with a
dime! Amanda lays it all out for you and provides all the
tools you need to close those deals, including:

>> Not one but TWO stunning PowerPoint presentations
created in her client tried-and-tested unique style

>> Highly professional videos

>> Flyers in 6 different colors that come with PSDs so you
can edit to your heart’s content

>> A fully illustrated script so you can voice your own
videos or use this as Cliff notes in your presentations

>> Handouts that you can annotate and edit

>> An in-depth user guide that tells you EXACTLY how to
put all this into action for maximum returns

AND, if you’re one of the first few action takers, she’s
even thrown in a copy of Foursquare Uncovered so you can
get off to a flying start!

Foursquare is such an easy service to set up and sell
thanks to its phenomenal results.  As of now there are:

20 MILLION users
Thousands more signing up each day
Only 1 million businesses taking advantage of this global
Which means local businesses cashing in big time – with
your help!

And the best thing about this? You really can set up a
campaign in just a few clicks – one which will bring
hordes of high-spending customers in to your clients’
businesses, sending their profits skyrocketing.

Grab this unbelievable package today and you get all you
need to set this up within hours.  It’s at an insanely low
price but this is a dime sale so it goes up with every

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