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It’s a holiday weekend here in the UK and in the US and so far we have spent it on a bat walk in a cemetery (!) as part of a biodiversity festival.

Diversity is always a good thing so in this edition of your Weekend Takeaways I am bringing you a selection of goodies from around the web to inspire, educate and plain old help you out.

First up is an invaluable podcast on the new Instagram algorithm and how marketers should alter their strategy in response to it.

Instagram is increasingly important as part of any marketing campaign so listen and learn…there’s also a transcript:

Snapchat is another platform whose impact is increasing by the day – here’s how to grow your audience there:

One area of growing importance for Snapchat is ecommerce and this piece focuses on how to take advantage of that for your business:

With more good stuff on that here:

Holiday weekends are often when we get time to pause and reflect…and that can lead to dramatic changes in our lives and work!

If you feel like a spot of reinvention on any level this weekend, listen to this and learn how to transform your life and career:

On to some freebies to brighten up your weekend – how about 400 vintage stock photos for absolutely nada?

Get them here:

Or some very useful PSD mockups here:

If you do nothing else this weekend, keep smiling – it may even prolong your life as Ron Gutman teaches us in his superb TED talk:

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