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It’s only a few days until Father Christmas fills our stockings (we hope) so I’ve decided to fill yours too with digital goodies from the best I could find out there…

And we’ll start with this gorgeous freebie font which is not just great at this time of year but works well for all kinds of projects – yours in exchange for your email:

Over at Hongkiat there are some fabulous design freebies including templates, backgrounds, logos and more:

Animation is set to be one of the big design trends for 2016 and here are some stunning animated icons for you – again, in exchange for your email:

Want to improve your conversions in 2016? There are a bunch of excellent resources here that will help you do just that (email also required here but, as with all the suggestions in this newsletter, I’ve tested each that requires opt-in and never had an issue):

Behind every successful site there is a strategy – some more fleshed out than others, it’s true. If you’d like some help setting out your own site strategy so you can get far better results, you can download an example and worksheet here (no opt-in required!):

Want to build or revamp that site using HTML or CSS? Here are 850 templates to help you do that at no cost to you:

More of a Bootstrap person? Here are a bunch of freebie themes for you:

Want a catchy domain name for that new site or business idea but just can’t think of one? Here’s the ‘best domain name generator ever’ to the rescue:

Moving on to social media, how about more engagement, interest and interaction on Twitter? Try this:

Or for more shares, follows and conversions try this – like everything else in this newsletter, it won’t cost you a bean:

Bored with hunting around all the freebie stock photo sites? Take a peek at this one – it aggregates stunning images from the best sites:

There are also some gorgeous pics here with no attribution required!:

Want to create your own impactful infographics and powerful presentations? Visme has a good basic package which will cost you nada:

While if you’ve ever spent ages trying to guess what theme, plugins and even monetization your competitors are using, save yourself hours and discover loads with this amazing tool:

Your TED talk this week is one to watch before you indulge in any seasonal over-sharing on social media:

However you spend this season, I hope your week is wonderful, peaceful and full of an abundance of all the good things that surround us and that cannot be bought.

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