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Christmas is almost upon us, as are many other festivals, and it’s a busy time of year so I like to use this pre-holiday newsletter to provide you with more freebie food for thought you can digest in those quieter moments.

I’ve been hunting around for good training for you on social media ads – not just on Facebook but on other platforms – and, with perfect timing, up pops this excellent guide from Hubspot.

To get the ebook you need to give your details but, as ever with Hubspot, well worth it and they are highly reputable:

I promised you more on video marketing and I found this nice freebie course so I signed up to test it out for you – so far I think it’s pretty good.

There is a focus on video for local businesses but I think all of us can gain something from it. You need to opt in to get it but, again, I’ve had no problems.

Check it out here:

I also promised you more on visual marketing so here’s a handy tutorial from Social Media Examiner on 5 ways to improve your Instagram marketing:

And another useful one on building your community on Instagram:

On to some no cost tools to help with your visual marketing and ThingLink allows you to add links to any image or video to create interactive content for your sites, blogs, social media sites and more. The basic plan is free:

While lets you create beautiful custom lists to share and engage with your audience:

Your TED talk this week is an apt one for a season that often calls for reflection – this is David Kelley on building your creative confidence…something I hope we will all do now and over the coming year:


Finally, in the spirit of the season, I have left a few gifts for you under the Christmas tree below. Enjoy!



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