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I promised you some resources this week on using that PLR you have sitting on your hard drive in new and profitable ways so let’s dive straight in with…

Turning your ebook into an interactive video course!

This is both easy to do and can instantly transform your existing ebook into an ecourse for which you can charge hundreds.

There’s a training video with transcript on exactly how to do this using Thinkific, a no cost platform, here:

To set up your Thinkific account, go here:

Don’t forget that any written format, including PLR articles and ebooks, can be turned into video content – there are some good tips here:

And if you want to turn PLR videos, audios, articles etc into an ebook, you can learn how to do that here:

You can also convert ebooks into different publishing formats although please remember that you need to heavily revise and edit PLR to make it unique for most marketplaces.

Calibre is an excellent ebook management tool that converts to and from a huge number of formats and won’t cost you a penny:

Of course, all of the above tips relate to any content you have and want to repurpose and that really is key.

By repurposing and rethinking content into other formats that add value, or rather perceived value, you can make far more profit with just some simple tweaks.

You can also come up with fresh content for your blogs and social media accounts that will help send more traffic your way as well as win over your target audience.

Get some more great tips on how to do that here – they were written for non-profits but most apply to us all:

Blog posts especially lend themselves to repurposing whether they were originally created from PLR material or original…get some more inspiration on how to do that here:

And for consultants, here are some tips to use to repurpose your clients’ content – again, useful for us all:

Your TED talk this week is designed to inspire you by proving that anything can be turned into a thriving business so long as you’re prepared to keep an open mind and consider all the possibilities:

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