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This weekend marks the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations here in London and there are crowds everywhere.

You hear about crowds a lot online too…how you should gather your crowd or tribe around you…but what does that actually mean? And how can you do that effectively?

It’s the ‘effectively’ bit that interests me and should interest you because it’s no good having a huge audience if they are not listening or engaging. In IM, size definitely matters but not as much as engagement!

In this weekend’s newsletter, therefore, I’m sharing some strategies, trainings and tools that will help you build that crucial engaged audience, whatever its size. The best part? They won’t cost you a bean…

Let’s start with this excellent podcast from Mark Aquith featuring John Lee Dumas. Listen to it and you will learn how to build an audience of 1000 true fans:

Content marketing is a proven way to increase engagement but it’s also something that is all too easy to get wrong.

Here are 20 proven ways to increase engagement with your audience:

Social media is another great way to build engagement and here are 21 ways to do just that:

With 50 more ideas here – sure, there is some overlap but that just means great marketing minds think alike!

And why not combine the two with these 26 ways to increase social media engagement with content marketing?

Focusing on Facebook for a moment, here are 10 ways to turbo-boost engagement on the biggest social platform out there:

Moving on to email marketing, here are ways to increase your engagement with this evergreen, oh-so-effective method:

Your TED talk this week has been viewed by over 5m people…now that’s engagement for you! Join them here:

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