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It’s a holiday weekend here in the UK and that back to school feeling is in the air.

At this time of year, you need re-energising, re-focusing and re-motivating…so that’s going to be the focus of your takeaways this week!

Let’s kick off with two of my fave guys on the net – Pat Flynn and Noah Kagan.

Pat is the king of passive and Noah has set up multiple hugely successful businesses including Sumo.

You will get so much from these two talking including how Noah works out exactly what people want to buy, how to rebound from rejection and how to ask for what you want and get it…

Plus they have a mini challenge for you – listen in here:

Like what Noah has to say (you should)?

Then you’ll love this from his own site – how he bounced back from failure on YouTube and figured out how the site’s top earners do it – learn and then copy:

If there’s one name that’s synonymous with motivation, it’s that of Tony Robbins – pair him with Peter Diamandis and the I Love Marketing team and I defy you not to become superpowered.

Here is just some of what you will learn in this ‘Anything Is Possible’ show:

  • The Psychology of Transformation: How to achieve what most people consider “impossible”
  • 3 secrets to creating a breakthrough in any area of your life
  • How to prime and wire yourself for success, opportunity, impact and happiness
  • 2 skills you need for achieving an extraordinary quality of life

And much more – watch it here:

Lewis Howes is another brilliant motivator as well as being a marketing powerhouse – I particularly love this on how to achieve any goal in just 5 steps:

You may not have heard of Ian Brodie but here is a brilliant collection of ways to achieve that all-important right mindset when it comes to marketing:

I’ve said it a lot and I’ll keep saying – and teaching – it…you need to put great content out there but you also need a great strategy behind that content.

Not got one? No idea how to come up with one? No problem – use Copyblogger’s worksheet in this tutorial to get set up for content marketing success:

One of the biggest things that holds all of us back is fear – fear of the unknown…of stepping out of your comfort zone…of  being rejected…

Your TED talk this week takes that last fear – a big one for marketers and creatives – and shows you how one person overcame it through 100 days of deliberately experiencing rejection after rejection. Life-transforming:

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